Preface by Aswad


The Stars Represent You and Me is a story about my journey as a young African-American boy growing up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit, Michigan. When I started the process to write my autobiography I kept thinking back on my childhood experiences and all the friends and family members that I lost to violence, prison, or both. As the youngest child in my family, I watched as my older brothers and their friends make bad decisions that would forever alter their lives. As I viewed the negative paths that their lives were taking, I promised myself that I would do whatever I can to change the trajectory of my life and not become a product of my environment. 

As I started to do research on Children's Picture Books I began to noticed that there are not many books that features children of color. In fact, only 14% of children's books are by/about people of color. There are a limited number of books that discuss issues like gun violence in communities of color, especially for children that are affected by violence. Many children across the country are exposed to gun violence, lost friends to gun violence as children, or become tragic victims of gun violence themselves. Many children in urban communities do not have many safe spaces to talk about their feelings or receive counseling and therapeutic services at home, in the community, or at school. This must change!

This book will provide a glimpse into my childhood and experiences over a week span that changed my life forever. - RELEASE DATE TO BE DETERMINED 



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